Therapy for individuals, couples, and families struggling with life transitions


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Catherine Thomas, MSW, MHP, LCSWIA

Hi there, my name is Catherine Thomas.

During our time together, I am solely here for you and your goals. I want you to succeed in every aspect that you desire and not only will I guide you to get to your destination, I will also empower you to make the lasting changes needed to maintain your success for when I am no longer needed. As an Asian American therapist, I have the unique perspective that comes with the BIPOC community and I take pride in creating a safe and judgement free environment.

With my experience  in behavioral health, I have had the opportunity to work with vast populations such as:

I believe in meeting my clients in whatever life stage they are in, in order to help build and guide them towards where they want to be. I offer individual, couple, and family sessions at 50 minutes or 90 minutes. I utilize a client centered approach and tailor my therapy towards your needs. 

Lastly, I am a big believer that anyone can benefit from therapy at any stage of their life because the reality is... things get messy and that's okay!  Whether the therapy you need is for a traumatic event, accountability, daily occurrences, skill maintenance, or even an occasional check-in you are welcome here. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.